Our Mission

At Fernwood Capital & Leasing (Fernwood Capital), our mission is to provide total solution financing to help ensure business success. As a national and international financial service provider, Fernwood Capital delivers industry expertise, administrative efficiencies and competitive programs with the vision of exceeding your greatest expectations.  Our depth of industry knowledge and commitment to our customers help us structure leasing and financing solutions that fit the needs of businesses.  Fernwood Capital is a single source financial provider with proven success and dedication to the marketplace.

Benefits of Leasing

  • Fixed Payments and Terms
  • Application Only up to $150,000 Lessee
  • Total Financing - can include soft costs
  • Tax Benefits - may be tax deductible
  • Conserves Capital
  • Avoid Obsolescence
  • If it Depreciates, Lease It

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Lessee Testimonials

"I cannot thank Fernwood Capital & Leasing enough."
Aaron Taylor

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Vendor Testimonials

"For years, Fernwood Capitol has been a highly professional, courteous and reliable leasing partner."
David J. Jack

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