My Customer Benefits

Offering monthly payments becomes a closing tool:

All equipment sellers hear "we can't afford it" more than they should. That's precisely why other companies quote monthly payments - because it sells equipment. Offering a payment option keeps you in the game, and closes more deals.


Offering payments cuts decision-making delays:

Payments expand purchasing power. It turns "do we have the budget?" into "no-brainer".


Offering payments increases add-on sales:

Monthly payments opens doors to additional options, add-ons, maintenance agreements, and more (and these add-ons can be financed as well).

Payments = Convenience:

Your customers will love the ease and speed of Crest's equipment financing. Your salespeople can have prospects complete our simple application right then and there.


Your competition is shut out:

There is nothing better for your salesperson than showing great equipment (like yours), and then showing how it's easily affordable. This eliminates shopping around. How much better will your salespeople do with this incredibly powerful tool at their disposal?